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Two become One…….

June 4, 2009 No Comments

Congrats Ashlyn and Chad…… We wish the best to you both as you start your journey together. Kim and I had a great time sharing the day with each of you. The smallest details were fabulous and the day went off without a hitch. You two were great and we can tell you made the […]

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June 4, 2009 No Comments

For the 3rd year in a row I have been able to cover Angelic Arts school of Dance,s Recital. There are so many cute kids all dressed up in their little outfits. Beeje Mines, the owner of the school, is super great at choreographing the recital and making it the best every year. She has outdone herself […]

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Oh Baby!!!

June 4, 2009 No Comments

We were pleased to be able to share some time with Yanni and Diana. We had met at their new home to photograph their maternity session. Boxes were still being unpacked and decor still being chosen to outfit their home. You could see their anxiousness as they are in the midst of experiencing so many new […]

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The Dixon’s

June 4, 2009 No Comments

It doesn’t take too long before you really know the people you work for and with. The Dixon family are about as real as a family can get. They are the definition of hospitality. We had the privilege to photograph their family a week before their oldest daughters wedding. This turned into great opportunity to get to know the family a […]

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Ed and Suzanne

June 4, 2009 No Comments

What a couple!!!!  Kim and I had started an early Saturday morning session photoing Ed and Suzanne’s engagement a little tired. It wasn’t very long into it before we started to see some real connecting goin on between them. Ed and Suzanne are a great couple and a hoot to be around. It was completely […]

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Kailey’s first session

June 3, 2009 No Comments

It was nice to photograph this bundle of joy, especially after having a 3 month old of our own ( man they get big fast). We, as well as the proud parents were ready to start photographing. We had scheduled a late session and seem to have caught Kailey at a good point. She was […]

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New Years Resolution!!!!

2011, WOW!!! Last year went by way too fast. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and...

November Newsletter

Did we skip fall or what? Halloween has quickly moved past us and now we are approaching Thanksgiving. Christmas...

Morning Sunrise

I have missed many chances to get out and photograph for myself. It have been so busy working for...

Cooler weather

Ahhh!! We have been waiting for this all summer. I think we skipped spring and went right for the...

Grantham Wedding Album

We are happy to announce the posting of the  Grantham Wedding Album. We have a been busy building and...

Andrew and Jessica Maternity

It’s baby time!!! This little bundle of joy is due to arrive in october. You could see the excitment...

Brittney in full color and fashion

Seniors sessions have picked up here at our studio. They are all bringing it, I might add. We  were...

Johnson Family Newborn Session

We were thrilled when we found out that not only will we be getting to photograph this new baby...

The Thompson Family Pt. 2

Kimberly had scheduled another session with the Precious Olivia.  We were able to focus completely on  her. She stole...

Carrie’s Seniors Rule!!! Session.

We have been waiting to photograph this Senior for a while. We  had a wonderful time with her and...